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BT570 Series 2D CMOS Mini Bluetooth Pocket Barcode Scanner

SA BT570 is 2D bluetooth barcode scanner, which  is integrated with patented 2d scan engine, which delivers quality barcode scanning and offer aggressive scanning of all standard 1D bar codes and 2Dbarcode, especially for QR code, PDF 417, etc.

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Swiftautoid SA BT570 Bluetooth 4.0 Pocket Barcode Scanner support Android, IOS and Win 10 devices. It has the built-in 600 mAh battery for working.

It is very smart and has the best portability. Its small dimension and light weight with an ergonomic user-preferred finger trigger design, which can ensures comfort and ease of use for your operators.

Whether you need to scan printed bar codes on paper labels or mobile bar codes on the screen of a mobile phone, BT570 can scan any 1D or 2D barcode from them, especially for mobile payment, such as Alipay, Wechat, etc.

                        Its Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless Technology supports various Bluetooth protocol, such as HID, SPP, BLE, etc. It is ideal scanner for high productivity by wireless fast data transfer.

This scanner can also work with USB adapter for Desktop computer or laptop easily.

Its housing design can also provide excellent performance for a wide variety of applications, such as retail, government, distribution centers, field service, direct to store delivery, healthcare, laboratory, etc.

BT170 Series 1D Linear CCD Bluetooth Barcode Scanner Specification Download 7/13/2018 PDF 439KB

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